Introducing Plant Guides and our exciting partnership with Cibando

Partnership With Cibando

We know that our users enjoy finding interesting Likes around town using the Plant feature on CircleMe. However, we thought we could make them even more interesting and exciting, so we put our heads to work on improving this feature to help our users discover more high-quality plants.

Plant Guides

Announcing Plant Guides

What we came up with is something ground-breaking for CircleMe: The announcement of ‘Plant Guides’. As you will know, Plants are Likes associated to real-world locations. Thus, ‘Plant guides’ are collections of plants provided by selected partners.

This is a very important moment for CircleMe as it opens the door to the CircleMe ecosystem and potential partnerships, allowing other companies to distribute their content with the fast-growing CircleMe userbase, whilst providing you with more interesting Plants to discover.

Partnership with Cibando

The first partner will be leading restaurant finder app Cibando, which will bring you a collection of the best restaurants in Italy. (You can find out more about this partnership in our Press Center) But that’s not all! We’ve also added 2 more Plant Guides: Art Masterpieces and Boutique shops.

On the CircleMe iPhone app (got the latest version?), navigate to the brand new Plants page from the Menu button and you’ll find all the Plants near you. Now you can select the Guides button and see our 3 new collections.

The Cibando Plant Guide is the tastiest of the 3 as it showcases some of the best restaurants in Italy. It is also the one that excites us the most due to this great partnership, so don’t forget to have a look when you’re not sure where to grab lunch!

Plants on a map

Tap on the map to view Plants in full screen

The Art Masterpieces collection includes some of the most famous works of art in the world, all planted at the galleries where you can see them. From Whistler’s Mother to The Starry Night, the best Art Masterpieces are now planted on CircleMe!

Plants on a map

With the Art Masterpieces Plant Guide you can view art on a map

Finally, the Boutiques Plant Guide will take you on a trip to some of the most exclusive shops around the world, from independent jewelers to high-end tailors, you can find them all in our collection of Boutiques.

We hope Plant Guides help you enjoy CircleMe better, and don’t forget that you too can Plant cool things for others to discover! Not sure how to add a Plant? Don’t worry, our tutorial video will help you out. 

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Introducing the new activity page!

By now you might already know the drill: When the CircleMe team goes silent, it means we’re working hard at improving CircleMe and launching new features, and now is one of those times! We’ve really excited to announce the launch of the new activity page!

For a while now we have wanted a way to show you all the great activity related to your likes as well as the activity of your trusted friends. Well, today we released the brand new activity page, and it has some great new features we really hope you’ll enjoy.

Brand new visual style

The new activity page makes it easier than ever for you to discover new likes and users on the site. Now we show you a cascade of interesting content, meaning that CircleMe looks better than ever. We also group activity stories together under each item, meaning that the site is easier to read than ever before, and you can now choose the category of the items for which you want to follow the activity.

The new activity page shows activity in the cascade-style

The new “Everyone’s” Feed

One of the most exciting new features of the new activity page is this very special feed of everything that is happening on CircleMe. Now by clicking on the “Everyone’s” option you will be able to see updates from every user. You will also be able to select the category of the latest activity you want to follow. Although we just launched this feature, we are already finding this a great way to discover new likes! 🙂

You can now check the latest activity on CircleMe by all users on all items! And filter by category : – )

You might have seen this cascade of likes on our homepage… now you can also access it when you are logged in, and like new things and instantly mark them as To Do’s.

You can now access the latest likes even when you’re logged in!

Social updates box

Another great new feature is this new box to the left of the activity page. We now show you some users you might want to trust, along with who your existing friends are trusting. This makes it really easy to find interesting new users on CircleMe.

Social Activity Box

We really hope this changes help you have a better CircleMe experience and, as per usual, if you have any feedback, suggestions or comments, do not hesitate to comment on this blog, contact us on Twitter or Facebook or send us an email to 🙂