Atkins and Von Oswald keeping the beat alive in Berlin

Electronic Dance Music or EDM is here to stay. House music developed in the black night clubs of Chicago and Detroit in the United States in the mid-1980’s and has evolved since taking a whole new generation and countries, especially in Europe by storm.

In Germany, the band Juan Atkins and Moritz Von Oswald have been helping to link the beats of Detroit with the capital Berlin.

According to Moritz Von Oswald, in an interview with Electronic Beats, the idea of playing electronic music in the German capital was a brain storm of Dimitri from Tresor who got the idea to link the music being played in the USA in Berlin.

“He really pushed things forward. He was really into getting Berlin and Detroit to connect. Tresor worked on getting [music] well spread, and over boundaries,” said Von Oswald.

Moritz doesn’t necessarily describe himself as a techno person but as a “rhythmically interested” person and he wants to put a lot of things into his music such chords and harmony into his rhythms.

Juan Atkins came onto the season in the 1980s and started the association with Von Oswald in the 1990s. One of their most important collaborations is the album Borderland.


Sister Bliss goes “Faithless” again

Sister Bliss has released her first solo album in a decade, more than two years after her former band Faithless retired. The album’s first single is Ain’t There and features vocals by rapper Fem El.

Faithless said adieu in 2011 with a farewell performance at London‘s Brixton Academy in April in a show that was beamed live around the world. The band was one of the biggest selling dance-music bands of all time.

Classically-trained musician Sister Bliss in the time since the band retired has relaunched the Junkdog label and hosts a syndicated radio show on Ministry of Sound Radio.

The DJ admits that moving away from the band has helped her find more time for things such as running her record label and collaborating with other artists.

And Sister Bliss says she uses the programme to showcase deeper underground house music including Psychemagik, Disclosure, and Visionquest as well as EDM music from Eric Prydz, EDX, and Jakwob.

Bliss and the Faithless crew reunited for a live set at Electric Brixton nightclub in London in May. The gig was in aid of Crystal Palace‘s youth club.