Big city life is tough says Factory Floor


Big city life can be tough the English band Factory Floor (write here something about Factory Floor) says. Speaking in this month’s edition of Electronic Beats Magazine, the band, which released its third album, recently said that living in East London or any other big city is a very difficult environment.

The release of the band has made Nik Void, Dominic Butler, and Gabe Gurnsey, the members of Factory Floor the leaders of contemporary electronic post-punk.

Dominic lives in Dorset while Nik Void, who now lives in Norfolk, says he loves the big city life. “I moved out of it and I miss it a lot. I’ve moved to the country now but at the time of doing the record in the first year, I think I had two jobs, as well. Going to work on the tube during rush hour and then coming back here and then it was like (scats).”

The band works out of a warehouse which Nik says was fortunate as spaces like that are hard to come by these days.

“There’s always been someone in here using it as an art space. I’m really conscious, knowing there’s hardly any space like this, that if someone was into the same things I was doing, I would start to get a bit like, ‘don’t start looking around because you’re not having this place’ [laughs]. You get really territorial”.