So, how does CircleMe work?

Curious about how CircleMe works (and how it looks inside)? Well, now you can have a look at this short video, made especially for you. Here you can take a peak-view at all the features of our Private Beta, and also how our first Beta users can fully enjoy the time on the platform.

We know this video might not answer all of your questions, so feel free to ask us more about it. We are here to help!

Finally, as you will learn from us day after day, we’d love to know your impressions about this video or just CircleMe in general, so send us feedback!

Getting curious? Time to sign_up  if you have not done so already!

Our adventure starts!

Today we proudly launch our first post on our brand-new awesomeness-filled CircleMe blog!

Said it in a few words, this blog is about you, the CircleMe fan. It is about anything you enjoy in your life and everything you are passionate about.

First of all, thanks to this blog we would like you to enjoy CircleMe to the fullest. Moreover, we’d love to periodically highlight the things that you mostly appreciate, and also suggest you new likes that you can find in our extended world of passions and interests. Furthermore, you can expect frequent updates on the new features that you will find on the platform.

One more thing! We’d like to create this blog together. Hence, you’ll have the possibility to express yourself by posting your stories, any curiosity about your passions and any other stuff related to your likes. If there is anything that you’d like to see here, feel free to share it with us. You are what you Like, and we want to know you better.

In case you have not accessed CircleMe yet, feel free to request an invite here:

Today we start the CircleMe experience. Have fun and… be what you like!