British producer gets sued


Lynne Ramsay the award winning director of such films as “We Need to Talk to Kevin” has been sued after failing to show up for her latest project.

Ramsay was to work on a blockbuster Western “Jane Got A Gun” starringNatalie Portman and Ewan McGregor but quit in March a day before the scheduled start of filming. The producers of the film are suing Ramsey for£500,000.

The producers have demanded that the Brit return $750,000 fee (£466,000) that she was paid to work on the screenplay and to direct the film. The BAFTA nominated Ramsey was cited for breach of contract and also accused of drunken and disruptive behavior.

Actor Michael Fassbender also quit the film and was later replaced by Jude Law but Law also quit as did his replacement Bradley Cooper. Ramsay is reported to not have been presented with an approved schedule, script, or budget before shooting was due to begin which may have accounted for her departure.

McGregor was later recruited for the leading male role while another director Gavin O’Connorwas signed up.


Dame Judi Stars in lost and found

British actress Dame Judi Dench is to star as a woman searching for her long lost son in the film “Philomena”. In the movie, Dench, who has also had starring roles in such films as “Mrs. Brown” in which she played Queen Victoria and as the title character’s boss M in the James Bond films, plays a woman who was forced to give up her son for adoption by the Catholic Church.

Her search begins 50 years later. The film also stars British actor Steve Coogan who has had a recent successful turn in the film “Alpha Papa”. Coogan plays political journalist Martin Sixsmith who intended to write the story of the search but ended up helping Philomena instead.

The film is directed Stephen Frears who also directed such flicks as “My Beautiful Laundrette” and “The Queen”. “Philomena” will be released in British cinemas on November 1. Dench has won a Best Supporting Actress Academy Awards for her role in “Shakespeare in Love” as well as a Tony for Best Actress in a Play for “Amy’s View”.

She has also won a slew of BAFTA Awards as well as Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Awards. Her most recent role was in 2012’s “Skyfall”.


James Bond star confirms he is gay

Ben Winshaw burst on the scene in the latest James Bond flick Skyfall as the incomparable Q and now the youthful-looking star has confirmed that not only is he gay, but he is also married.

Winshaw admitted that he has been married to his Australian lover Mark Bradshaw for the last year.

The actor’s representative issued a statement saying that Winshaw was gay and had never tried to conceal his sexuality but, as is the case with many other actors, chose not to speak about his personal life.

Winshaw and the Aussie composer met in 2009 when they both worked on the film Bright Star and got married in a secret civil ceremony in Sydney in 2012. They recently celebrated their first anniversary.

Thirty-two year old Winshaw has played television roles and starred in a few films including Brideshead Revisited and Cloud Atlas. He made his Bond debut in 2012’s Skyfall.

The English actor played a younger Q than previous actors such as John Cleese and Desmond Llewelyn.

Winshaw has won a 2013 BAFTA television Leading ActorAward for his role in Richard II and was also a favourite to play the iconic Doctor Who on the long-running BBCsci-fi series but took himself out of the running earlier this year.