CircleMe User Interview #3: Rodrigo Hortschlaki

As you use CircleMe, do you ever wonder about some of the users who are adding their Likes? We certainly do, and that’s why we’ve been bringing you interviews with a collection of some of the people who make CircleMe great : -) Today we have an interview with another great Circler: Rodrigo Hortschlaki.

Rodrigo's CircleMe Profile

Who are you?

My name is Rodrigo Hortschlaki, I’m a graphic design student from Guatemala City, Guatemala.  I also work as a content manager in a social media agency and love design, music and social media so much.


CircleMe is all about passions and things people love. If you could only choose 3 passions, what would these be? Why these 3?

1. Design:  Because for me design is a diferent way of living.

2. Music: As Shakira says “Music is the soundtrack of our lives”,  I don’t know who I would be without any music in my life.  It’s terrible just to think of it :S

3. Social Media: 3 years ago when I was watching a Facebook keynote, someone came and told me I was wasting my time watching this stream and bla bla. Now I can say “JA! JA!” to that person, now I work with Facebook and many other social networks, its such a new way of work which I’m enjoying so much.

Tell us something you discovered on CircleMe that you ended up loving?   

I discovered a book called ‘Logo Design Love‘ by David Airey. It’s such an amazing book, I think every graphic designer should read it.

Logo Design Love

Tell us something you saw on CircleMe that you would love to do one day?

Well, each time I see Milan, Berlin or Barcelona in my Likes I start thinking about my next trip in 2013. Hopefully I can be there in December of next year  as that’s my personal goal.

What do you like about CircleMe the most?

What I love about CircleMe is how easy it is to use, and the variety of Likes you can find here. You can also find interesting people to talk to.

How do you imagine CircleMe will be in 2 years time?

I think there are gonna be new, different and exotic ways to Like things here. It’s gonna be great!

Rodrigo on jetty

And there we have it, now you know all about Rodrigo. Want to find out more about some CircleMe users? You can view past interviews here!

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Circling the City of Lights!

I’m Javier, Marketing Manager at CircleMe,

Last week we organized some CircleMe drinks in beautiful Paris.. and we have to say that we had a blast!
We arrived around 5pm at our chosen location, which in this case was Le Dernier Bar Avant La Find Du Monde (French for ‘The Last Bar Before the End of the World’.) We loved the place, as it was full of passionate people. The place had many different themes, including an Indiana Jones one!

Le Dernier Bar – Where we hosted our Paris CircleMe Drinks

At 6pm the guests started to arrive, and so we started to talk about CircleMe, Paris, and about our passions! Some talked about performing arts, others about technology, music… Time flew, people came and went as we weren’t only meeting people passionate about CircleMe, but also enjoying a great time with them!

One interesting thing about the users at the meet up is that there were so many different nationalities. There were CircleMe users from France (of course), Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Russia, America and Mexico! This showed just how metropolitan the city of Paris is 🙂

Time passed by so quickly that at around 11pm we realized we hadn’t taken any group photos! So we assembled the remaining Circlers for a last minute photo! 😉

Ooops! We forgot to take a group photo until 11pm, when many had left :- (

Overall, we had a great, great time thanks to the great Circlers who visited us, the location chosen for the bar and, well… the city itself! So we can now officially claim that we have ‘Circled’ Paris! And here is proof of that!

We Circled Paris! ;- )

We would like to send a big, big thank you to all those who joined us! And if you would like to join our future meetups, follow us on Twitter and Facebook for future announcements 😉

All roads lead to the CircleMe meet up in Rome

After the great success of the meet ups in London and Milan, we decided to say ‘Hi’ to our users in Rome! We love these occasions as it gives us a chance to chat to lots of different Circlers, get some great feedback, and give out some T shirts of course 🙂

Casa Del Jazz

The venue for the meet up, the Casa Del Jazz, Rome

The venue we met at was the brilliant Casa Del Jazz, everyone started to meet up at 7pm and we got talking about the site, about the venue, about anything! One CircleMe user was so excited about the event that he arrived half an hour early! As well as this, 2 of our lovely users drove all the way from Pisa to attend, which is over a 3 hour drive!

CircleMe users at the Rome meet up

As you can see, everyone had a great time!

CircleMe Users

CircleMe users enjoying the Rome meet up

This was a great chance for users to meet some of the other members of CircleMe, and we certainly enjoyed chatting with everyone. Our CEO Giuseppe D’Antonio and office manager Elena Ciampella helped organize the event, so they had the pleasure of handing out T shirts! Along with the immensely popular CircleMe T shirts, we also had some fantastic goody bags to give out from JazzIt, whom we arranged the meet up with. Every CircleMe user who turned up got a magazine and a cool jazz CD, thanks guys! After the meet up we went on to get something to eat, eventually saying ‘Goodbye’ around 2am!

Elena hands out a T Shirt

Elena handing out T shirts : – )

We are all looking forward to the Paris meet up on the 18th! In the future we are looking to organise meet ups based around your likes, can you guess the theme of this one? Yup, it was jazz music! Would you like a CircleMe meet up near where you live? Well why not get in touch and let us know? As usual, you can let us know by commenting on this post, or by contacting us through our Twitter account or Facebook page!