Launching “StoryPage” and the slick “Invite Your Friends” tool!

BLOG 1:  Launching “StoryPage” and the slick “Invite Your Friends” tool!

Hey CircleMe’ers,

As the weekend approaches, we come with some other new features to present to you, so you can enjoy CircleMe during your weekend and beyond 😉

You asked for plenty of more stories related to a specific item?  Here we have them! From today you can see all of them in our brand-new StoryPage . Here, exploring the stories, you can also rate them and express your preferences of the most reliable and pertinent story for an item. Furthermore, you can even sort them by rating or by the date they were added on.

And we have more surprises! You have no reasons to feel “lonely” on CircleMe anymore, because starting from today you can invite your Facebook and GMail friends with a new inserted Invite Your Friends tool 😉 Share your CircleMe experience with others and let them know you’re here, with only one simple click!

Wishing you a perfect weekend, CircleOn!

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